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"Look deep into nature, and then

You will  understand everything better. "-Albert Einstein

Botticello Farms, located on the borders of the Glastonbury/East Hartford town lines, is the only operating farm left in Manchester, Connecticut.  Although Botticello Farms has been in operation only since 1973 Butch's' family owned, and operated, their vegetable farm on Spencer Street, in Manchester since 1927.  the old farm stand

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This is a picture of

the old farm stand in 1975.



Butch Botticello

Butch Botticello

at his childhood

home on

Spencer St.          


Botticello Farms started out selling vegetables from the front yard of Butch's' home on Hillstown Road, in Manchester.  Within a few years, in addition to selling our own home grown vegetables, the farm Stand was also selling local fruits.  When the produce business began to grow Butch thought that he would like to increase his product line, and decided to sell Christmas Trees and homemade wreaths.  In Addition, since he had constructed a small greenhouse in his back yard that spring, he decided he should put it to better use by growing starter plants.  Eventually he was raising annual flower plants and vegetable plants to sell to his customers.  By this time he had enlisted the aid of his family to help with the additional work load.

Corn Picker 2003By 1987 the farm had grown from a small stand into a sizeable retail/wholesale operation. We were outgrowing the front yard, back yard and side yard. Butch wanted to grow but needed to maintain his location.  He purchased the property across the street from his home, and this is where he built his new farm Stand.  We have approximately 20 acres on the Stand site, but actually farm more than 350 acres during the summer months. We currently have more than 50,000 square feet of greenhouse floor space and, of course, our dream is to continue to grow.   In 1996 Botticello Farms became Botticello Farms, LLC when Butch's' son, Tony, and son-in-law, David, became his partners.  We offer our customers unsurpassed service and quality, always with a smile. Our staff, collectively, can offer you more than 100 years of knowledge and experience in the agricultural and horticultural fields.  Our commitment is to you, the customer.  Butch earned his doctorate at the school of trial and error. His philosophy is to continue to increase his knowledge in the agricultural/horticultural businesses because by continually improving his knowledge he can bring you the highest quality product available, produced by the best processes known. 

   Butch in his Tomatoe house                                                                                              "Farming is stereotyped as a no-brain job that requires only the ability to get dirty.  I have learned so far that there is so much more to farming than that.  The people I am working with are amazingly gifted in their field of study and can easily prove their years of classroom work, through their endless facts about the farm, and extensive knowledge in the many different tasks given to them.  Agricultural students have to combine science with nature in order to maintain what the rest of us take for granted.  Without them, we would not have fresh fruits and vegetables, meat or dairy products.  The human race depends on farming to survive and to prosper into the next century."  - Samantha Docking -FAS



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