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OLD TIME COUNTRY STORE...The floors were dark and very rough, where oft times badly treated; for hobnailed shoes were scuffed about, near kegs where men were seated. A cracker barrel; a hoop of cheese and a pot bellied stove for heat, there was green coffee to be parched and a side of pork; salt meat. A bag of feathers in the corner hung, perhaps a hide or two, a tobacco cutter setting near by, to furnish the men a chew. Flour was then sold by the barrel and sugar by the hundred weight, then canned goods were scarce and black eyed peas they ate. Bartering then was a common trade for hides, eggs and wool, in exchange for calico; which kept the ladies cool.  No tailored suits, nor ladies slacks were common in those days; there was coarser cloth for underskirts, would this modern day amaze. The candy one bought; they called for then as there was no candy case for most all stores were very small, you see there was little space. Most men were happy in those days, they would gather at the country store; to talk their problems over and maybe wished for more. For then they loved each other the time slipped by too fast and when their parting time would come, each tried to be the last.  They did not say good night as now but said "Go home with me" they hated to leave the country store where all were welcome, you see. We now have all conveniences; we could not wish for more; except the love these people had of the Old time country store. Mrs. A.L. Wallen
For our many customers who have been visiting us at "The Stand" (AKA: Botticello Farms) I hope you share the feelings Mrs. Wallens' poem evoked in me. As the only operating farm still remaining in Manchester I can't help but feel as if I am coming home every time I pull into our parking lot, and we truly hope you feel the same way.
As seasons change and come and go, we would like to take the time as Thanksgiving Day approaches to tell you how much we have enjoyed seeing each and every one of you on your (for some daily) visits.  We have watched your children grow as you have watched ours do the same. We have shared tears of joy and some of sadness, but like all families we have been there to cheer for or support each other through those times.  We welcome all the customers who have just found us, and we look forward to your continuing visits, hopefully, well into the future. 
As another Season ends and a new one begins we look forward to seeing you once again as we open our doors for the coming Christmas Season.  We will open at 8 AM everyday, beginning November 21st, until Christmas. We offer wreaths of all sizes, fresh cut Christmas trees, Poinsettias, candles, gift certificates, and many other gift items. 
Order your Thanksgiving pies today and pick them up, freshly baked, the day before Thanksgiving. We offer Pumpkin, Apple, Blueberry, Mincemeat and sugar free Apple pies.  Call us today!
"I have been counting up my blessings, summing up my woes, but I ain't got the conclusion some would normally suppose:  Why I quit a countin troubles, fore I had a half a score, while the more I count my blessings, I keep finding more and more.  There's been things that wan't' exactly as I thought they ought to be, and I've often growled at providence for not-a-pettin me.  But I hadn't stopped to reckin' what the other side had been-how much o-good and blessin' had been thickly crowded in.  For there's been a rift of sunshine after every shower o' tears, and I found a load of laughter scattered all along the years.  If the thorns have pricked me sometimes, I have reason to suppose love has hid them often from me, neath the raptur of the rose!  So I'm gonna still be thankful fer the sunshine and the rain, fer the joy that's made me happy, for the purgin' done by pain; for the laughter of little children, for friends that have been true; fer the guiding hand that's led me every threatenin' danger through!"  L.A. Tubbs


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