3 Major Preschooler’s Parents Communication Mistakes

3 Major Preschooler’s Parents Communication Mistakes

Raising a kid is never an easy task. It is both a challenge and a fun thing to do if you do it right. Communication is one of the major challenges of preschool or nursery school of parents when they are talking to their kids. So when you are having a conversation with your child, here are some mistakes you should avoid.


1. Holding an inquisition

This revolves around the question-and-answer kind of conversation. On many occasions, people don’t like being interrogated. Naturally, it reduces morale, which then limits the communication flow. Kids do feel offended by such a conversation as well.


2. Treating the kid as an adult

Most preschoolers may not have the courage to communicate and express ideas directly as an adult. Unfortunately, some parents make mistakes of equating them to grown-ups when talking with them. This kind of mistake at the end will definitely reduce the interaction with your kid. It can affect how they behave next.


3. Thinking you can fix everything

This is the tendency of providing solutions to problems that distress your children. This is a mistake that makes children exhibit the feeling of not knowing how to solve their problems on their own. Luckily, there is a way you can counter these sorts of mistakes. Here are the solutions to such mistakes


I. Spend time together

Better communication is enhanced by doing similar activities together as you engage with the child. You can go swimming, fishing, play games, or do what your child loves as you hold a conversation with them. This will make him feel closer to you, and he will start communicating with you as he reveals all that bothers him.


II. Avoid asking irrelevant questions

Questions can make a child feel reprimanded or being interrogated which at the end will make him pull off from the conversation. Instead, express feelings that your child understands better. Doing so makes the child feel appreciated. Always avoid asking direct questions.


III. Meet them at their level

Never show superiority when communicating with your child. It’s always advised to acknowledge your child’s feelings and expressions When your child asks you something, always try to help out even if it feels out of place. Try and make them feel appreciated and on the appropriate level.

You can try reading books, tell stories, and discuss with them to create a bond between the two of you. This in the end will improve your child’s vocabulary and skills.

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