How To Know If Our Dog Is Left-Handed Or Right-Handed

How To Know If Our Dog Is Left-Handed Or Right-Handed

Have you ever wondered if your dog is left or right-handed? Do you know how to find out and what implications it has, for example, for his training?

It should be added that despite the fact that the evidence points to a conclusion, which we will reveal to you later, whether your furry is left-handed or right-handed is independent of his character and should not condition the way in which you interact with him and educate him. In fact, more factors affect their education, such as the type of reinforcement used.

How to know if your dog is right-handed or left-handed?

Dog behavior experts agree that it is very easy to discover your pet’s tendencies. Just watch how she interacts with you, other dogs, and her toys or food. To make it easier for you, we are going to share with you several very simple tests to perform. After repeating them several times you will be able to draw conclusions.

If not, it could be because your furry friend is ambidextrous. Take note of the practices that you can do now, without the need for any prior preparation, to identify which front leg is preferred for your dog.

Ask him to give you his paw

Ask him to sit down, then tell him to give you his paw. In a matter of seconds, after repeating it several times, you will know which leg has carried out this simple action the most times.

When exercising

Your exercise routines are another excellent setting to test your furry friend. Observe which leg he begins to climb stairs with or which he leans on when going down them. When he is in contact with other dogs, pay attention to which leg he uses to jump. In general, they tend to use the leg that they feel stronger or with which they are more skilled.

Bother him

Placing an object that bothers him or that reduces his vision will be enough to force him to take action. Once again, it will lean on the leg that is most decisive to tackle the problem.

Play with him

You can ask him to sit down and then throw a toy at him. Throwing a bone at them is another effective way to clear up doubts since the more attractive the claim is to them, the safer it is that they will innately resort to the leg that offers them the greatest guarantees.

As you can see, although for some it is not a question with a solid scientific basis, it does have a certain impact on dog training and is taken into account by specialists. If you are curious about how to know if your dog is left-handed or right-handed, we encourage you to apply these tips. Do not hesitate to share your experience with us.

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