3 Major Transport Management System Trends in 2020


It is no news that the Transportation Management System market is constantly growing at an impressive rate. There are a few things that are contributing to the growth of this market. One of them is the major ROI accredited to a Transportation Management System. Most companies will purchase a TMS, which helps to promote freight savings.

If you look forward to using logistics companies in California for your business, here are some of the trends you should expect to experience this year.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Thanks to the real-time visibility solutions, there is a high chance that machine learning will be used to enhance ETAs. Nevertheless, the TMS provider should have easy access to the network transportation data, most pubic cloud providers do. If that’s not the case, the visibility provider will be in a better position of using artificial intelligence to offer the improved ETAs than the TMS provider.

Besides that, machine learning also contributes to the growth of transportation management. Here, shippers can learn about the perfect carriers that meet timely service levels and the ones that don’t. Also, they will know the lanes that are most likely to delay deliveries. With machine learning, shippers can understand how to drive efficiencies without affecting the service levels.

Visibility Tools

The real-time visibility solutions will only get better. Generally, the visibility is based on the integration of the systems of the truck carriers. On the other hand, the carriers will track the ELD devices on their trucks or using a mobile app on the driver’s phone. All this will help the business to track the movement of their shipment, the speed of the trucks, the number of stops, traffic of the area, and more.


Lately, the partnership has become a norm in the TMS market. Mostly, businesses and their logistics companies want to better the visibility tools, which then improves the ETAs in general. Most TMS companies today are partnering with visibility providers. Furthermore, the rise of digital freight matching solutions has contributed to more partnerships in the industry.

If or not you already have a TMS for your business and you are in search of a good logistics warehouse in California, you must also ensure that you find a reliable company. The logistics company will also help you understand all the trends of TMS and how to make the best out of them.