Our Family



1948. The BRUN family, owner of the Bel-air estate in Fleurieux Sur l’Arbresle, will allow M.CHAMBE Jean and his wife Lydie to share their farm in sharecropping. This one, made up of mixed farming, for meadows, cereals, vines, and a small garden.

A draft horse and a “chariot à banc” as the only material.

1961. Mr. and Mrs. CHAMBE will develop mechanized agriculture (Company of Agricultural Works) while a remaining family with three daughters and a son.

1981. Thanks to direct sales, fruit trees, and market gardening will develop on the farm, opening to the public every late afternoon, but also by moving to the markets of Feurs (42) and Oyonnax. (01).

1992. The grandparent’s CHAMBER jean retire after a lifetime of “good peasants” and let Henry CHAMBER their sons buy the bel air property from the BRUN family.

At the initiative of Catherine CHAMBER and her husband, to meet customer expectations, the creation of a store “Le Marché a la Ferme” was born. Arranged in the operating buildings and open only at the end of the day, this store will first offer the harvests from the garden and an assortment of farm and local products.

In addition, it will expand with a commercial structure called the RC (Commercial Register) APOM Chamber in order to be able to sell the entire range of fruits and vegetables.

2006. A new concept is born, “Harvesting on the farm”.

Our fields and orchards are open to the public so that our customers can freely compose their basket of fruit and vegetables.

2010. In this context of free picking, we care to offer our customers a wide choice of fruit and vegetables as healthy as possible. We decide to convert our entire farm to organic farming.

2015. Store improvements to come.