Picking a Tour



Picking tour

  • We welcome groups and schools for a discovery tour of our garden, by appointment only.
  • Welcoming the group on the farm, placing bags in a furnished room, presenting the company.
  • Each group is taken care of by a member of our team

How the day went :

  1. Walk from farm to hut (300m)
  2. Breakdown of the group. How to pick vegetables. Leaves or roots. Maturity, size, color.
  3. The principles of organic farming (soil life, crop rotation, composting, etc.)
  4. What is soil. Interview. Fauna and flora. Our friends insects, spiders….
  5. Then, the children set off to explore the garden and its treasures.
  6. Picnic, pull from the bag outdoors or under the courtyard depending on the weather.